Long-established manufacturers.

Shoemaker tradition, rigor and professionalism

Our beginnings ...

At Gimenez Anton (Desiree Shoes) we are dedicated to the manufacture of shoes with a long history and many years of experience.

The company was founded in Elche in 1987 by a shoemaker craftsman who had been in the design and manufacture of footwear since the 70s.

The world of footwear and its manufacture has always been our passion and that is why every day we try to innovate with the best techniques and materials with the aim of improving your comfort.

What defines us

The shoemaking tradition, rigor and professionalism They have been part of our ideals and that is why to guarantee quality we manufacture by participating and supervising the entire process.

The own manufacture joins the flexibility, feel and resistance of our leathers and our current designs and colors to produce a comfortable, quality and fashionable shoe.

In addition, we have opted for technology to develop both the most comfortable footwear and to make it available to you on our professional website with permanent stock.

Own manufacturing in Spain

We believe that in order to meet the growing demands of our customers, the quality and finish of our product is essential.

Desiree Shoes produces and manufactures its shoes in its own factory located in Elche, the cradle of footwear in Spain.

Every part of the production process (designing, cutting, assembling, gluing, sewing, cleaning, etc.) is carried out carefully and with every detail taken into account.

That is why the entire manufacturing process takes place in Spain.

The materials used are carefully selected following our supplier evaluation procedure.

We carry out reviews in all parts of the process, thus guaranteeing the quality and correct finish of all shoes.

The Desiree shoe: maximum comfort, craftsmanship and quality

Desiree Shoes feature a design that provides unique comfort and convenience:

Ergonomic: The lining, heel and sole are designed to enhance daily dynamic activity.
Flexible: The shoe adapts uniquely to the foot.
Shock Absorber: Absorbs and minimizes impacts, increasing comfort.
Soft and breathable shoes, footprint effect ... there is much more ..

Discover all the features that we have developed and make us unique.

Committed to commerce: permanent stock for stores.

We support you: at Desiree we work together with small businesses as the main sales channel.

We are dedicated to manufacturing and we maintain stock so that your risk is the minimum:

We have permanent stock, to be able to replace in 24/48 hours

Professional shop where you can order and replenish knowing the stock of each model, or check with sales

We propose the top sales models so that you are right with your purchase and can replenish quickly.

Telephone service with your representative or factory, to help you with your purchase, best-selling models, access to the professional website, etc.

Comfort: The Desireé Comfort Triangle is the intelligent union of flexibility, softness and ergonomics resulting in a high-heeled shoe of superior comfort.

Flexibility: It is the true secret of Desireé comfort, designed and manufactured to achieve maximum flexibility and that you forget you are wearing them.

Spanish 100% Product: We seek excellence and this is given by the fact that the product is made in Spain, where there is a great tradition of quality footwear.

Crafts: The participation of our artisans, who put all their know-how, results in excellent footwear in design, comfort and fashion.

Quality and price ratio: The selection of top quality raw materials and the latest innovations and comfort technologies that make our Shoes unique

Customer orientation: We listen to the customer at all times and take it into account for the development and improvement of our collections.

famous tv presenters choose Desireé for its flexibility, design and comfort to host their programs

Shall we start?

Write us by WhatsApp, call us or send an email to register as a client, and you will have your website with updated stock, telephone service and advice on the best collection for your comfortable shoe store with the best quality price.

Committed to society

We collaborate with various entities to do our bit to make this a fairer world.

* At Desireé we are proud to have collaborated with Elche Hospital in the manufacture of masks during the covid-19 pandemic.

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