Never has a high-heeled shoe been so comfortable.

Never has a high-heeled shoe been so comfortable

Technology, experience and design: the most comfortable women's shoe.

Comfort: technology and experience.

Why are they so comfortable?

Collections: comfort and design together for any occasion.

Salons, ankle boots, dress sports: with Desiree technology, a shoe for work, party or dress has never been so comfortable.


Made in Spain. Artisan tradition.

Since 1987 manufacturing and researching to develop the most comfortable women's footwear. Discover our history and who we are.

Professional sale.

Permanent stock and deliveries in 24 / 48h. Premium quality at a reasonable price. Telephone service and professional online store with permanent stock

Our footwear: Why are they so comfortable? Total Flex & Comfort walk

Technology and years of experience.

But what is Total Flex? It is the technology applied in the composition of its floors and soles with heels, providing the footwear with extraordinary flexibility and cushioning.

Fashion and comfort united with our technology: comfortable high heels ... boots, pumps, loafers

Original creators of the Total Flex & Comfort Walk concept, the basis of the truly comfortable, flexible high-heeled shoe, at Desireé we are inspired by the woman of today who is looking for fashion without giving up comfort.

This allows us sophisticated and functional designs, based on ergonomic lasts that respect the anatomy of the foot without pressing it, providing comfort and well-being at every step.

Other details that make your Desireé shoe "premium" are the top quality materials that make it up; soft and breathable natural leathers, anatomical insoles with memory / footprint effect to adapt to your footsteps, non-slip and shock absorbing soles that relieve pressure on feet, legs and lower back… etc.

At Desiree we have taken care of every detail to make the shoe more comfortable, whether in boots, lounges or loafers.


Lasts designed to adapt to your foot and flex when walking.

Shock absorption

Reduces the impact of each step. It prevents knee problems and derived from long periods of impact after impact when walking. Do you feel its effect at work? At Desiree we can help you.

Flexible shoes

The internal structure of Desiree shoes is designed to achieve ideal flexibility. In addition, we collaborate with our suppliers to incorporate the best leathers and components into your shoe, also in terms of flexibility and comfort.

Rest for the metatarsal.

Extra comfort even in long periods planted.

Heel cushion

One of the keys is to enjoy comfort when walking and collaborate to reduce the impact.


We select the skins and inner linings to ensure a soft touch to the foot. More comfort.


We bet on breathable materials to promote foot ventilation. Essential for long periods with the shoe on.


Premium leather and materials in contact with the foot that allow the absorption of excess moisture.

Quality shoe

You will be able to wear your Desireé Shoes for long days with a unique experience.

We take maximum care of the selection of materials and leathers to make all the elements of the shoe (sole, instep, toecap, lining, insole, heel, cap, etc.) and in this way provide a unique sensation in all types of models from salons boots or stilettos.

And of course, we continually test our improvements to be the best.

Artisan leather shoe

To accompany you, we have our experience of more than 30 years and the team of craftsmen to adjust, manufacture and send you the best comfortable shoe. Find out how we do it.

Technology and commitment to consumer safety: RHOVE project

GIMÉNEZ ANTÓN SL is developing the project “Consumer safety in new
models of coexistence with SARS-COV-2”.

This project aims to investigate
and development of new technological solutions that allow active disinfection action
in footwear and related articles, especially in the context of the new situation of
pandemic derived from the incidence of COVID-19.

The RHOVE project began in June 2021 in Elche and will end in May 2023, counting
with a budget of €393,666 co-financed by CDTI and FEDER (European Development Fund

How do we do it? More than 30 years manufacturing comfort.

Continuity and quality in manufacturing.

Made in Spain quality

The manufacture of each Desireé shoe involves various processes, mostly handmade. It would not be possible to achieve this high quality without the expert participation of our artisans, who put all their know-how so that the result is always excellent: enjoy from the first step an authentically Premium footwear, in design, comfort and fashion.

Artisan tradition

Heirs of a long shoemaking tradition that inspires us every day. Based on a job well done, know-how, never forgetting our origins and the search for excellence in our footwear. Always united with the latest innovations and comfort technologies that make our shoes unique.

Premium leather

Leather is the best raw material that exists for a good shoe. Being in contact with our own skin, we select it for its special characteristics of softness, breathability and flexibility; it is completely natural and chrome-free dyes are used in its tanning. Putting on our shoes is a unique experience that if you try, you will repeat. They are comfortable from the first step.

Comfort: Desireé's comfort triangle is the intelligent union of flexibility, softness and ergonomics resulting in a superior comfort high heel shoe.

Flexibility: It is the true secret of Desireé comfort, designed and manufactured to achieve maximum flexibility and that you forget you are wearing them.

Spanish 100% Product: We seek excellence and this is given by the fact that the product is made in Spain, where there is a great tradition of quality footwear.

Crafts: You have our artisans, who put all their know-how to create excellent footwear in design, comfort and fashion.

Quality and price ratio: The selection of top quality raw materials and the latest innovations and comfort technologies that make our Shoes unique

We listen to you: The so-called customer orientation has always been part of our DNA to develop together the most comfortable women's shoe and improve our collections.

Collections of comfortable women's shoes: in your day to day, at work, or at party

Discover our collections with permanent stock designed to take care of the foot.

On any occasion, make your day to day more comfortable: at Desiree we adapt to your style. Discover our collections in different heel heights, loafers, boots ... We study each model so that you can enjoy the day to the fullest without compromising your comfort ...


Comfortable work shoes

At workWhether in the office or on long hours on your feet, find in your Desiree collections the ideal models to make your work more comfortable.



Comfortable shoes for events: Do you have an event? be it a wedding, christening, communion or a party that goes on, Desiree has the solution to avoid the inconvenience. Avoid having to go for shoe cult without compromising your look.

Professional sale: permanent stock for stores.

Focused on retail.

We support retail: At Desiree we are dedicated to manufacturing and maintaining stock so that your risk is minimal:

We have permanent stock, to be able to replace in 24/48 hours

Professional shop where you can order and replenish knowing the stock of each model, or check with sales

We propose the top sales models so that you are right with your purchase and can replenish quickly.

famous tv presenters choose Desireé for its flexibility, design and comfort to host their programs

Do you have a store?

Find out how we can collaborate and get in touch with us

Do you want to know where to buy your Desiree?

Find your nearest store

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